Terrapin Lodge No. 241
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Recommended Reading

  • Bailey, Foster.   "The Spirit of Masonry",   Lucis Trust Publishing, 1996. A treatment of ancient Masonic origins and what restorations are necessary to bring it into the 21st Century.
  • Besant, Annie.   "Annie Besant Concord",   1904. A new English ritual, which firmly established this requirement as central to the work. The revised ritual was called the "Dharma Ritual", also known as the "Besant-Leadbeater" and more recently as the "Lauderdale" working.
  • Hall, Manly P.   "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, or the Secret of Hiram Abiff",   1976, Philosophical Research Society; Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co. Three Ruffians - Thought, Desire, Action. So begins a mystical journey into the Hiramic legend.
  • Hodson, Geoffrey.   "At the Sign of the Square and Compasses",   1976, Adyar, Madras: Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry. An examination of the symbolic meanings of Masonic ritual, objects, and actions from the standpoint of mystical Masonry.
  • Leadbeater, C. W.   "Ancient Mystic Rites",   Originally titled Glimpses of Masonic History. 1986, Theosophical Publishing House. A history of the inner and legendary side of Freemasonry from ancient Egypt to modern Co-Masonry.
  • Leadbeater, C.W.   "The Hidden Life in Freemasonry",   1925, Kissinger Legacy Reprints. From Egyptian evidence to the meaning of opening and closing a lodge, this treatise is full of useful, thought provoking gems of wisdom.


The Latin motto means “From the East, Light.” But the “East” it speaks of is not a point on the compass or a part of the globe, any more than the “Light” it speaks of is a physical phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation. The “Light” of the motto refers to spiritual perception and understanding. Because the Sun rises in the east and from that direction casts its first radiance upon the earth, the east is associated with the origin of light. Symbolically, “East” is the source of the “Light” of spirit. It thus represents the place where we can expect to find spiritual perception and understanding. That place is not any location on the globe but is rather the source of all spiritual knowledge—ultimately, our own inmost reality and Self.

Grand Lodge on High

Recommended Reading (cont.)

  • Leadbeater, C.W.   "Ancient Mystic Rites",   1986, Theosophical Publishing House. Absorbing, indepth study of the mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, Judea, and Europe in the Middle Ages, up to the emergence of Co-Masonry in the twentieth century.
  • Maier, Issac.   "Esoteric Masonry, a Collection of Essays on Masonic Symbolism",   Poemandres Press, NY. A collection of erudite essays on symbolism,most on the higher degrees of Masonry, e.g., Scottish Rite.
  • Perkins, Lynn F.   "The Masters As New Age Mentors", 1976,   CSA Press, Publisher. The theme of 'America Reclaims Its Intended Mission', this work summarizes the works of the Masters and Adepts of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, their influence upon crafters of the American Revolution of 1776 and why a peaceful second revolution is needed to sustain the great American experiment.
  • Phylotus.   "Esoteric Masonry or The Storehouse Unlocked",   reprinted by Health Research, Pomeroy, WA. Fascimily reprint of original. Shows the connectivity between the Bible and Freemasonry, with information pertaining to symbolism in Astrology; biblical lineage.
  • Pike, Albert.   "Albert Pike's Esoterika - The symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry",   2005, The Scottish Rite Research Society, Washington, DC. Collection of Pike's many discourses and lectures.
  • Yarker, John.   "Lectures of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Freemasonry",   2009, Cornerstone Book Publishers. A worthy collection of essays and lectures on Scottish Rite freemasonry and an interpretation of the meanings.

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